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One of Estonia's leading food producers
The companies belonging to the Agrone group make up one of the largest agricultural groups in Estonia. The dairy and eggs that we put on the nation's table are of the best quality. We also grow different grain and oil seed crops that are used to make countless types of delicious dishes.

About Agrone

Our mission is to safeguard life in rural Estonia and guarantee that the food we put on the table in Estonia as well as abroad is of the highest quality. The aim of the companies belonging to the Agrone group is to farm the fields and grasslands of Estonia and to produce foodstuffs, ensuring the preservation of soil fertility and reducing the negative environmental effects of farming.
The companies of Agrone group are among the largest food producing companies in Estonia in terms of land use and production volume and that is why we have acknowledged our responsibility for the preservation of our natural and living environment. Our group’s six companies are agricultural businesses with longstanding traditions boasting knowledge and experience that have been handed down from generation to generation. We currently employ approximately 250 industrious, hardworking and cheerful people. We are one of the largest food producers in Estonia and have an important role in supplying foodstuffs and providing food security. As a producer, our aspiration is to be at the forefront of the sector in terms of environmental sustainability and protection.
Several of our companies are Estonian agricultural flagship companies of long standing.

Põlva Agro OÜ
Peri Põllumajanduslik AS and Miiaste Põllumajanduslik AS in Põlva County
Hummuli Agro OÜ in Valga County
Vändra AS in Pärnu County

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In Estonia, Agrone farms approximately 13 000 hectares of crop- and grasslands. The agricultural land belongs to our companie called Muuland AS.

We grow a wide variety of food cereals and feed crops as well as oil crops such as wheat, rye, oat, barley, rapeseed, maize, triticale and field pea.

In average we harvest around 32 000 tons of cereal and oil crops annually from the fields that we farm.

Besides growing cereals, we manage and farm approximately 4300 hectares of grasslands that provide us with the necessary fodder for our dairy cattle.
One in four litres of milk consumed in Estonia in the form of drinking milk or used in the production of other dairy products is brought to you by us.
In 2020, our companies produce around 50 000 tons of raw milk that is used to produce Estonian dairy products renowned for their good taste. These include drinking milk and kefir, yoghurt and sour cream, cheese and cottage cheese, butter and powdered milk, quark creams and curd snacks.
The chicken farms of Eesti Muna OÜ, a company in our group, supply Estonians with around 30 million eggs a year. In stores, our eggs can be found under the brand names of Muna Liisa, Kodukoha and Häämuna.

Our goals

All the companies belonging to Agrone group share the goal of becoming a leading agricultural company that …

ensures consumers a plentiful product range of foodstuffs on a daily basis;

designed to preserve Estonian natural and living environment; has in place production processes

makes efforts to reduce the negative effects production can have on the environment;

has in place production processes that make maximal use of sustainable energy sources;

values its staff and ensures the best working conditions, thus preserving life in rural Estonia.

Sustainable Management

How can we cope with the growing demand and continue to produce healthy and nutritious food in an environmentally sustainable way? This is a major challenge for any agri-food company.

Dairy products represent the largest share of the Agrone group’s production and have a big importance in the world’s food consumption as a major part of the population consumes these products daily. Dairy products have a high nutritional value – they are the fifth best energy source and the third best source of protein and fatty acids. And all this at affordable prices. It is prognosed that the world’s population will have grown from the current 7.6 billion to 8.6 billion already by 2030. But in 30 years’ time, there will be already 9.8 billion of us. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) predicts that the global demand for food increases twofold in the next 30 years. The FAO considers that from the point of view of the environment, one of the most important aspects of sustainable food production is to pay attention to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the course of production. Excessive emissions lead to global warming that can cause irreversible damage to our planet’s natural and living environment. Important environmental aspects pertaining to agriculture are also reckless groundwater overuse and conservation of biodiversity and soil fertility.
In 2019, we took a strategic decision to launch a green action programme in our group with the aim of employing the principles of circular economy to the fullest in our production activities in order to reduce in the next 15 years the harmful footprint our activity has on the natural and living environment.
Our green programme focuses mainly on the reduction of carbon emissions, preservation of soil fertility, sustainable use of groundwater and the increased use of green energy. The specific action plan includes a wide range of activities: the use of methane emissions from livestock without releasing them into the environment, the use of renewable energy in the lighting and heating of our facilities and in the operation of our equipment, changing soil cultivation practices, increasing rainwater harvesting and maximising waste recycling. The first step is to determine the point of net zero carbon emissions of our companies in cooperation with Sustinere OÜ. Our long-term goal is to contribute to the halting of global warming and to achieve carbon neutral dairy and agricultural production by 2035. Our aim is to avoid cutting our production volumes in the process. This will ensure the continued supply of affordable agri-food products to our consumers.

We will work together with the dairy sector, retail companies as well as consumers in order to reduce the environmental burden and to ensure that carbon neutral management becomes a norm in our entire value chain.

The Green Tiger Programme

To further ourselves and boost the whole sector, we have joined the new and unprecedented private sector environmental initiative called „Rohetiiger“ (the Green Tiger), the aim of which is to develop sustainable economic models in different sectors of the economy and to pioneer their introduction in Estonia as well as the rest of the world. Our participation in the Green Tiger programme is driven by the desire to contribute, together with other responsible businesses, to the development of sustainable economic models, learn from the best practices and promote the wider introduction of related management methods.

Come and join our team!

People who are honest, enthusiastic and hardworking are welcome to join our crop, livestock and poultry farming operations as well as environmental sustainability, financial accounting and technical maintenance units.
The companies belonging to Agrone group employ active Estonian people who want to preserve a fulfilling rural lifestyle and who hold the production of high-quality and environmentally sustainable food in high esteem. For those young people who are in the process of acquiring education (both vocational and higher education) in the areas related to our economic activity, we offer possibilities for traineeship in our companies – an excellent way to learn the profession through experience. In case you are interested, please feel free to contact the parent company or any of our local production companies to receive more information on available job or traineeship vacancies or simply to consult our staff to find out if any of the vacancies might fit your profile either at present or in the future.
Send us your CV and let us know which area and position interests you the most. Contact us:

Seeing is believing!

Crop and livestock farming are exciting! Watch the photos and videos to get acquainted with our different production processes. This may persuade you to apply for a job with us or become our partner.


Agrone OÜ

Tartu Office:
Tiigi 78
50410 Tartu, Estonia

Tallinna office:
Valukoja 10, Ülemiste City
Tallinn, Estonia

Chief Executive Officer: Raul Jeets
Tel +372 5649 1010

Chief Financial Officer: Ats Albert
Tel +3725557 8195

Chief Operating Officer: Margus Muld
Tel +372 5033 078

Info: Ebe Nõmme
Tel +372 5197 5964

E-mail for suppliers invoicing
Registration code 11407992
VAT number EE101228626

Põlva Agro OÜ
Vana-Tartu road 2, Mammaste
63211 Põlva county, Estonia

Chief Executive Officer: Indrek Nõmm
Tel +372 504 6406
Registration code 10063763
VAT number EE100006043

How to find us: map link,
Driving directions: Waze link

Vändra AS
Tehnobaasi, Allikõnnu
87604 Pärnu county, Estonia

Chief Executive Officer: Margus Lepp
Tel +372 520 3971
Registration code 10052854
VAT number EE100127391

How to find us: map link,
Driving directions: Waze link

Hummuli Agro OÜ
Soe road 12, Hummuli
68410 Valga county, Estonia

Chief Executive Officer: Are Selge
Tel +372 5786 3250
Registration code 10081382
VAT number EE100491056

How to find us: map link
Driving directions: Waze link

Miiaste Põllumajanduslik AS
Vana-Tartu road 2, Mammaste
63211 Põlva county, Estonia

Chief Executive Officer:Silver Kask
Tel +372 5341 2680
Registrikood 10039821
KMKR EE100005688

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Peri Põllumajanduslik AS
Vana-Tartu road 2, Mammaste
63211 Põlva county, Estonia

Chief Executive Officer:Silver Kask
Tel +372 5341 2680
Registration code 10269039
VAT number EE100004883

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Eesti Muna OÜ
Värska road 11, Rosma
63211 Põlva county, Estonia

Chief Executive Officer: Ats Albert
Tel +372 5557 8195
Registration code 14593765
VAT number EE102119077

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